Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Mastopexy or a Breast Lift is a plastic surgery procedure to achieve firmer and higher breasts by removing excess breast skin and restoring the breasts to an aesthetically more pleasing shape and position. The position of the nipples and areolas may also sometimes be changed during the procedure. Women opt for this procedure after losing weight, breastfeeding, or with age, as it is a natural occurrence that breasts tend to droop or sag over time. However, this procedure is also for women that have large breasts, the weight of which may cause them to droop.

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Why Breast Lift is Done?

A Breast Lift is done when women are unhappy with the current position, look, and shape of their breasts. There are a few reasons why women want a Breast Lift and they primarily include: the change in size and shape due to breastfeeding, undesirable drooping, sagging or downward-pointing of nipples, stretches in the skin from the fluctuation in weight, change in the breasts due to age or genetics, etc. The procedure is done to restore the breasts to a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing shape and position.

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Who is a good candidate for a Breast Lift?

A Breast Lift is ideal for women with sagging or drooping breasts and also for those that cannot achieve the desired look with only breast augmentation. The best candidates for this procedure are those that have healthy breasts with realistic expectations for the outcomes of this surgery. In addition, breast cancer survivors and women post-pregnancy or breastfeeding may receive this procedure, providing they have been medically cleared.

How Does a Breast Lift Address Sagging or Drooping Breasts?

The procedure is typically done by making an incision around the areola area to allow the surgeon to reposition the nipple to the desired level. Surplus skin and tissue is removed to enhance the elevation of the breasts. The surrounding tissue is rearranged and the incisions are kept as small as possible. In certain cases, if desired, breast implants may also be placed to make the breasts look fuller and larger. Ultimately, the procedure is to give firmer, higher and more youthful-looking breasts.

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What Are the Different Types of Breast Lift Procedures?

Currently the widely accepted approach in the aesthetic plastic surgery world is to classify the Breast Lifts into 3 categories based on the complexity and size of the incisions needed as well as the amount of surgical alteration. They include:

Circumareola lifts - It is normally used for women that need minimal alteration. An incision is made around the circumference of the areola, enabling the surgeon to remove the excess skin and lift the nipple area.

Vertical Lifts/Lollipop Lifts – It requires an incision around the areola, down to the crease of the breast in a lollipop shape. The amount of the breast tissue alteration is greater than the circumareola lift and the incisions made are larger.

Anchor/Inverted T incision – It involves the maximum amount of surgical adjustment and the incisions made are the longest. This procedure is done for women that require the maximum amount of skin repositioning and tissue removal. This process is also preferred for breasts that are severely sagging and requires the most lifting.

What is the Surgical Process Involved in a Breast Lift?

The process begins after consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Prajwal K Rao, who will be working at ClinicName in Kanhangad. During the consultation, the patient and doctor will discuss the desired outcomes, based on which the type of Breast Lift will be decided. Depending on the chosen procedure, the corresponding set of incisions is made.

Amid the surgery, excess skin and fat is removed to give the breasts the desired shape and size. The final part of the procedure includes re-draping the remaining skin and tissue, while also adjusting the nipple if required. Sutures are stitched to close the incisions and also to hold the shape of the breasts.

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What Are the Potential Benefits and Outcomes of a Breast Lift?

The primary purpose of a Breast Lift is to restore the breasts to a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing shape and position. All the different forms of Mastopexy will give an improved shape and natural-looking results. Depending on the chosen type, the incisions made while doing a Breast Lift are minimal and easily hidden in the existing creases and contours of the breast.

Scars from a Breast Lift fade over time, usually becoming almost invisible. The procedure does not have any long-term changes or effects on the breast tissue or nipple sensation, although the latter can sometimes be temporarily affected by the procedure.

What is the Recovery Period Like After a Breast Lift?

Immediately after the procedure, the breasts can feel tender and sensitive, while the nipples and areolas may feel numb, for a small period of time. Swelling, tightness, and itching are some of the common symptoms for the first few days. Most patients can return to their daily activities within 2-7 days after the procedure.

For the first few weeks patients should take special precautions like limiting any kind of arm movements or lifting heavy items. More strenuous activities can be attempted after 6-8 weeks, when full recovery will have been achieved. The Doctor at ClinicName will advise the patients on what precautions and measures to take after the procedure.

Are there Any Potential Complications or Risks associated with This Procedure?

Just like any other surgery, a Breast Lift can involve certain risks and potential complications, ie: bleeding, infection, unsatisfactory results, asymmetrical results, changes in the skin sensation, wrinkling of the nipples due to gravity, stretching of the areolas, or even loss of a nipple. However, these risks and complications can be avoided by consulting with Dr. Prajwal K Rao at ClinicName in Kanhangad. The Doctor will be able to assess the patient’s needs and can provide the most suitable and safe approach available.

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How Long Can Patients Expect the Results of a Breast Lift to Last?

The results of a Breast Lift usually last for a good few years. However, they are not permanent, as future pregnancy, major weight change, genetics, aging, gravity, etc. can change the natural shape and size of the breasts again. It is also recommended that women practice good lifestyle choices to help maintain a good health, in order to ensure that the results last as long as possible.

How Can Patients Schedule a Consultation or Learn More About Breast Lift Options with Our Plastic Surgeon?

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Prajwal K Rao at ClinicName in Kanhangad and to learn more about Breast Lift options, please call our office or fill out our online form. Dr. Prajwal K Rao and our ClinicName team will assist you through the entirety of your journey and will answer any questions you may have about the Breast Lift procedure.

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